The Interwin Affiliate Program

Affiliate Interwin is an online business that utilizes the rapid development of online marketing today. We are not the first on affiliate business, but we are the only one that offers the ease of the process of cooperation of this affiliation.

Terms & Conditions Affiliates / Agent

  •  An affiliate / agent must have a website, blog or social media account that is full of followers or has a strong relationship / network
  •  Affiliates / agents may promote websites and content on social media or place banners / advertisements on their own or other people’s websites or blogs
  •  Are prohibited from making pishing sites / using the name / brand / brand of other websites for the sake of affiliates
  •  Must have active members at least 5 people per month
  •  Profit sharing calculation will be calculated from the amount of Net winnings after deducting the commission / rebate / cashback / bonus
  •  Profit Sharing / Dividends will be given every month on the 7th
  •  If the total number of results is negative / negative then the negative balance will be carried and calculated to the following month
  • The Profit Sharing calculation will be calculated from the amount of your Referral’s Net Loss after deduction
  • a. Platform fee of the member’s gross whopping amount is 10%
  • b. Promotion fees such as commission / rebate / cashback / bonus
  • Specifically for poker, the calculation is based on the total amount of turnover x 0.15%

Commission Percentage Program / Profit Sharing

RM 60,000                            = 30%

RM 60,001 to RM 120,000   =  35%

RM 120,001 onward             = 40%

Example of How to Calculate the 35% Profit Share

  1.  Winlose total AAA Player     

           – RM 20,000,

     2. Winlose’s total BBB player

          – RM 30,000

     3. Player ABC total Winlose

         – RM 100,000

     4. Player CCC Winlose total

         + RM 50,000

     5. Player DDD total winlose

       + RM 10,000

  • Total Net Losses of members             = – RM 90,000,-
  • Deduct platform fees 10%                  =    RM   ( 9000),-
  • Deduct commission / rebate /Bonus   =    RM   ( 5000),-
  • Remaining net profit = 76,000,-x 35% = RM 26,600,- (dividend / month)

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